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About Us

What We Do

The Running School Limited teaches adults and children efficient and effective running biomechanics, balance and helps them to get faster. Our coaching protocols include all the key technical factors involved with running more efficiently, remaining injury-free and running faster. Overall we ensure that through running, individuals live a more active lifestyle, increasing their enjoyment from sport while remaining fit and healthy.

A wise coach once said: “running is simple but it’s not easy!”

It’s important to realise that running is a skill and most of us have never been taught how to run. Just like any other skill running can be taught; and If correctly coached and practiced, the skill will become more efficient and more success will be enjoyed. No matter how young or old, or the level of your running experience, learning the correct technique will result in increased efficiency, lowered risk of injury, increased speed; making running even more enjoyable.

We all think running is something that we pick-up naturally, not realising until the pain begins, that we are actually running inefficiently which can lead to injuries.

We have designed modules to teach recreational runners from the age of 8 upwards how to run more effectively, efficiently and to run faster; avoiding common sports and running injuries .

We have worked with many runners young and old at all levels; recreational, amateur, professional and elite athletes from a broad variety of sports. Improving runners’ biomechanics and speed, we apply the same philosophy and principles to all our clients.

We treat everyone like an Elite Athlete, everyone is an individual and everyone is different!

The Running School Limited works very closely with our sister company, Sport Dimensions Physiotherapy, who specialise in helping injured runners and athletes get back from injury and surgery.


What we are very good at doing, is coaching you to make the necessary changes to get you moving better and running faster.

Based on your objectives and what you are trying to achieve, we use our

coaching methodology, step-by-step guidance, training programmes, a lot of motivation (and your hard work!) to help you achieve your goals. We believe that everyone has the ability to improve their running technique and their speed if they know how.

Another major function of The Running School is helping people get back to full fitness after injury or surgery through our Movement Rehabilitation and fitness programme. Repetitive inefficient movement can lead to injuries and loss of form and then we struggle to get back to full fitness and speed.

Meet Mike Antoniades

Mike Antoniades is the Founder and Director of The Running School. Mike has been a coach for 26 years and has worked in the UK, Europe and the USA.

He has worked with a number of professional athletes and clubs from different sports including soccer, rugby, basketball and track and field.

He is a qualified UEFA A Coach, Speed Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Rehabilitation Specialist. Mike runs … Learn more about Mike and the rest of the team