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Franchise & Clinic Opportunities

Our Concept and Vision

We believe that runners and sports people should be provided with the opportunity to achieve their potential and stay injury free in the process. Sadly, this is often not possible as they do not have the technique, movement, strength or control necessary to achieve their goals. This is not because they are not capable or injury-prone, but instead because they have not been coached to run and move in the correct way.

We have developed training methodologies that provide runners and athletes, young and old, to develop their running technique and movement. We aim to develop our network to allow everyone in the UK and Europe to have access to one of our high class centres and clinics so they can gain access to the quality of resources that are usually reserved for elite athletes.

The Market

The potential market for running analysis, re-education and rehabilitation is immense and it is growing. The potential market is not only comprised of existing runners, it also includes adults and children from a variety of sports who want to stay injury free and run more efficiently. Running technique analysis is becoming increasingly popular and in-demand.  However, being able to identify an injury is only the beginning of the solution.  Being able to apply a coaching methodology and change movement is an entirely different and essential skill.  Knowing how to apply this coaching knowledge to injured and non-injured individuals is yet another skill.  These are a very specialised skills that very few are practising around the world to extent and standard of The Running School.  We can teach you to do all of it.

 Your Business Options

There are 2 ways to add these in-demand services to your business:

  1. Running School Franchise – Become an official Running School Centre and offer the full range of Running School services - everything from Rehabilitation to Biomechanical Analysis to  Running Re-education  to Speed & Performance  
  2. Running School Clinic – Add a TRS Running Clinic to your existing health practice and learn the skills of Biomechanical Analysis and Movement / Running Re-Education along with a the Rehabilitation for Runners module.

Franchise Enquiries