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About Us

Our City Running School is our first centre to be opened right in the heart of the city. It is a continuation of our relationship with Sweatshop in joining with them on this exciting new running destination. The facility will include a state of the art gym, physio practice, an altitude centre and one of the largest Sweatshop stores in the country. 

Our centre is managed by Nick Antoniades and Mike Antoniades Founder and Performance Director of The Running School.


Nick Antoniades

Running School Coach & Manager of City

Nick is a qualified Running Technique and Speed Coach, Dynamic Movement Skills Coach and Certified Personal Trainer who has been working at The Running School in Chiswick for almost five years. During his time at The Running School Nick has worked with runners of all ages and abilities from youngsters and complete beginners to professional footballers and elite athletes. Nick enjoys to play football in his spare time and is currently in training for competitive 10k's later this year.



James Barrett-Boyce - Running background - ex - county 800 metre runner and competed in several half marathons.
- Surrey schools middle distance athletics champion
- Skiing background - ex English Team Racer.
B.A.S.I 1 member (British Association of Ski Instructors) - i spent several years training and coaching ski instructors in technique and body alignment.
I.S.I.A member (International Ski Instructors Alliance) - i spent 10 years teaching and coaching in Megeve,French Alps.
-Fitness Background- Advanced Level 4 Master Personal Trainer - Core Conditioning and Weight Management specialist.
Elite Nutritional Advisor
Fitness Industry Coach and Lecturer (Anatomy and Physiology and Nutrition).
Master Bootcamp Trainer

I have been involved in professional sport from an early age with my passion lying with athletics (specifically 400m and 800m),skiing, and fitness training.
I have coached and taught in all three of these areas for 20 years to all ages and abilities and am ultimately passionate about instilling health and fitness benefits.
In 2010 i had my first DVD filmed and published "Ski-Fit with James Barrett-Boyce".